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Molomics aims to discover safer small molecule therapeutics with better efficacy. By optimizing ADME/Tox from the beginning of the discovery process, we expect that our Leads have higher success rates in the development as therapeutics.

A Real-Time Approach

Molomics has developed an extremely easy to use mobile technology connected to cloud services that determines multiple pharmacological properties for small molecules on the fly. By providing such real-time feedback, our Game and Application can combine human creativity and knowledge to explore and exploit promising parts of the chemical space. Support is obtained from Artificial Intelligence to make the search more effective. Better Leads may be determined with less experimental effort.

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Enjoy Gaming, Help Science

Molomics is developing a new, easy and fun puzzle game for mobile devices. Anybody can dive into the world of BioFosfia where you team up with the Gumbs to defeat the invader Krimps through your 2D structural thinking skills. Join your friends in the quest and experience the glowing nature of a mysterious planet.

Through gaming, anybody can help in probably the world's largest search through the chemical space, giving humans new insights about the relationships between small molecules.

Real-Time Molecule Information for Anybody

Our application Lead Designer offers you an enjoyable and extremely easy molecule sketching experience on mobile devices. Anybody working with small molecules, even those who have not drawn one since years, can access abundant molecule information on a click to take better decisions in drug discovery and development.

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Through real-time feedback in collaborative environments, Molomics Lead Designer version allows us to join people from different places in a real-time drug design process. The drug discovery team can additionally count on support from Artificial Intelligence to search effectively through the chemical space, giving humans access to safer small molecule therapeutics with better efficacy.

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Breaking Frontiers in de novo Molecule Design

Providing real-time feedback to many people about their proposed solutions is a very promising approach to find the best and sometimes even the only solution amongst nearly infinite possibilities. For example, in 2011 FoldIt players managed to determine the 3D structure of a retroviral protease active in HIV in only 10 days, a problem which had bothered scientists since more than 15 years.

Considering the vast number of small molecules (1060), the combination of human logic and knowledge with Artificial Intelligence is a promising approach to find new Leads with preferred pharmacological properties by principally computational means. We study the interaction of humans with de novo molecule design algorithms. Human creativity is supposed to guide automated molecule generation to find the best molecules in the huge chemical space. For molecule evaluation, we do research in cheminformatics, especially multi-objective optimization and Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship (QSAR) modelling of pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic properties.


Jascha Blobel
Jascha Blobel, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Giovanni Cincilla
Giovanni Cincilla, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
Simone Masoni
Simone Masoni
Chief Technology Officer

Advisory Board

Nathan Brown, PhD
Scientific Advisor
Friedhelm Blobel, PhD
Business Advisor

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July 17 Molomics moves to the Parc Científic de Barcelona

June 19 Molomics attends JavaBCN Conf 2017 in Barcelona

March 20 Molomics attends BioEurope Spring 2017 in Barcelona

February 9 first loan received

January 30 publication of Lead Designer


October 20 Molomics presents at Drug Discovery Innovation Programme in Hamburg

June 29 Molomics attends Gamelab 2016 in Barcelona

June 6 Molomics attends BIO 2016 in San Francisco

January 13 first grant received


August 7 first patent filed

August 5 Nathan Brown becomes scientific advisor

June 24 Molomics attends Gamelab 2015 in Barcelona

June 15 Molomics attends BIO 2015 in Philadelphia

April 10 collaboration with Wuji House starts

March 24 first game played by alpha tester

February 27 San Francisco angel joins us

January 9 Molomics is established in Barcelona


Molomics is a place where Computational Chemists, Software Developers, Game Designers and Drug Discovery Specialists work together with the objective to design safer and more efficacious therapeutics using a first-of-its kind mobile technology.

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