Human Chemical Space

Can humans find the most desirable molecule
in the abyss of chemical space?

Can a person find the molecule by her-/himself?

Is collaboration amongst humans making the search
for a hidden molecule more effective?

The challenge

The challenge

The Chemical Space, understood as the abstract entity containing the sum of all drug-like small molecules, is awfully large. It is estimated to contain over 1060 different molecules, a number that can hardly be conceived by human mind. Given this magnitude, finding a specific molecule (or an extraordinary drug) in this abyss can be compared to the iconic problem of finding a needle in the haystack.


Win the challenge

Through an easy to use web application (please use your laptop or desktop, mobiles are not supported), you will be challenged to search for hidden molecules. You design molecules on the basis of a score. The higher the score, the closer you are to the molecule.

You will participate in 2 challenges. In the first challenge you will search for a molecule by yourself and in the second one you will team up with others.

What's in it for you? If you are the first in finding the hidden molecules, you will win 150 Euros in form of an Amazon voucher! But you also have other possibilities to win. A prize will also be given to the 2 active participants that have found the highest scoring molecules. Considering groups of 8-15 participants, you have a high chance to win.

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